Synology RS2416: Is it Efficient?

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Targeted at cost-conscious SMBs, Synology’s newest Synology RS2416 is the following member in its ever-expanding profile to sustain BTRFS. Unlike the EXT4 documents system, BTRFS gives endless images permitting the appliance to use basic front-line information defense as well as healing.


Two 12-bay designs are available with the RS2416+ showing off a solitary, fixed PSU as well as the RS2416RP+ on evaluation endowed with double hot-plug 500W PSUs. Aside from that, they are similar to refining power-managed via the Intel quad-core 2.4 GHz Atom C2538 as well as partnered by DDR3 2GB.


Memory can be updated to 6GB as there’s an extra SO-DIMM socket under the cover. You will get Gigabit ports, yet the small motherboard doesn’t have a slot of PCI-Express; therefore, 10GbE upgrades cannot be done.


Expansion capacity is restricted to a solitary RX1214RP or 12-bay RX1214 disk rack, allowing the maximum capability to be on 168TB. This appears a weird number, yet it’s since the newer providers in the RS2416RP+ will be able to take Hitachi’s 8TB SATA, whereas the ones that are older inside the disk shelf are just high sufficient for 6TB drives.

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Excellent NAS performance


For testing, we made use of WD SATA of four 4TB in a Synology Hybrid RAID variety and viewed the RS2416RP+ supplied excellent general performance. With a share mapped over Gigabit to an HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 web server running 2012 R2 Windows Server, Iometer, as well as write rates of 113MB/sec as well as 109MB/sec.


These numbers translated to excellent real-world speeds as duplicating our 50GB Iometer test data between the web server and appliance returned sustained read as well as create speeds of 109MB/sec as well as 108MB/sec. It likewise matched Synology’s bigger appliances for backup efficiency with our 22.4 GB test folder as well as its 10,500 tiny data copied to the share at a speedy 87MB/sec.


We pushed the appliance to its maximum by adding three additional web servers, each with dedicated Gigabit links. All the four servers had Iometer running in them to collect cumulative read as well as write speeds of 352MB/sec and 452MB/sec. Though not as high as they claimed about the maximum write rate, however, still respectable. Else, you can also try Synology RS815RP.


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