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Litecoin News | Abra Accepts Litecoin (LTC) Deposits and Withdrawals

It’s finally here, everyone! Now, digital wallet app Abra accepts Litecoin (LTC) deposits and withdrawals. Abra Accepts Litecoin The ability to make Litecoin transactions was already possible on Abra, but now the platform has added in the ability to deposit and withdraw Litecoin directly on Abra. We now support direct #Litecoin deposits and

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Bitcoin Pizza Day | What You Can Buy Now for 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC)

Today, May 22nd, is Bitcoin Pizza Day. What does that mean, you may ask? Well, back in 2010, one of the earliest Bitcoin (BTC) purchases was completed. The purchase was for two Papa John’s pizzas. The price back then? 10,000 BTC. Since that fateful day, Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed and many other cryptocurrencies

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Crypto Superheroes | Top Influencers using their Superpowers for Good

Andreas M. Antonopoulos | Clark Kent (Superman)@aantonop Represents the best attributes of humanity and the ultimate force of good. When it comes to spreading awareness and providing truly educational content, Andreas alone has done more for Bitcoin (and decentralized cryptocurrencies in general) than anyone else out there. Yes, that’s surely a bold statement,

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China’s IT Minister | 2017 was a Great Year for Blockchain Industries

2 days ago, Tong Xiaomin- chief engineer of the information center of the Ministry of industry and information, Yu Jianing- director of the industrial and Economic Research Institute, and Luo Zhiyong- the founder of the finance and Economics Institute, jointly prepared a document named as “White Paper of the 2018 China Blockchain Industry”

Ethereum [ETH] | Vitalik Buterin Scouted by Google

Ethereum [ETH] – Ethereum’s [ETH] co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, seems to be a hot commodity in the tech space, as he tweeted two days ago that Google was actively trying to recruit him for a job. Buterin asked his followers if he should ‘drop’ Ethereum and work for Google and then tweeted a poll

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Consensus 2018 | Tom Lee Explains Why BTC Price Failed to Rally

The NY Consensus 2018 has become the most important and expected event in the crypto ecosystem. The best projects, authorities, and influencers gathered together last week to share ideas and make announcements that could potentially revolutionize the industry. Many expected that during the week, Bitcoin price would rise as a result of increased

TRON: Upbit & Bithumb Support TRX Token Swap

TRON [TRX] – The TRON main net launch is just over a week away. The project’s token swap isn’t anticipated for another few weeks, as the development team wants to ensure there aren’t any flaws in the main net before the tokens are moved over. TRON’s team is working with the exchanges that

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TRON [TRX] Weekly Wrap-Up | TRON Foundation is Full Steam Ahead

TRON [TRX] – The TRON main net launch is just 11 days away. This week, the TRON Foundation has been steadily working on bringing in as many exchanges as possible to their token swap that is set to occur in about a month. The list of exchanges that have agreed to support the

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Russia and Iran Discuss Crypto Alliance

Crypto Alliance – Russia and Iran might start using digital currencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), to bypass international sanctions, Russian news source RBC reported yesterday. Both countries are exploring ways to replace the SWIFT interbank payment system and avoid the US dollar transactions said the head of Iranian Parliamentary Commission for Economic Affairs, Mohammad Reza Pourebrahimi.

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Paycent Mobile Wallet | Dash Is Added, Here are More Details!

People are now able to send DASH to mobile numbers in over 200 countries with the Paycent mobile app. Paycent and DASH DASH was made available on Paycent, a hybrid mobile wallet, and a subsidiary of the Singapore-based company Texcent, earlier this month. Other cryptocurrencies that are available through Paycent are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

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