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Immortal Player Characters | Blockchain Game Characters You Can Keep

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What’s one of the worst things that can happen to a gamer? They build up a character—experience, inventory, what have you—and then the game stops being supported and they lose everything. Well, that may be a thing of the past from now on. Immortal Player Characters are game characters built on the blockchain—which

CoinMarketCap Addresses Issues | Reddit Opens Black Hole of Problems

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The crypto world’s most used cryptocurrency index, CoinMarketCap, has recently been under the line of fire lately for its protocols. Now, CoinMarketCap addresses issues, at least some of them. It all started with Reddit… We’re happy to announce our new subreddit! Please join the discussion at — CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap) July 9, 2018

China Ranks EOS Number One Again

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The third round of blockchain rankings has been released by the Chinese government. Yet again, China ranks EOS number one. The rankings, released by the government-backed China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID), evaluate the public blockchain networks with three different metrics. The metrics include technology, applicability, and innovation. Previous Leaders CCID released its

Vitalik Buterin Makes Fortune 40 Under 40

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We know their names, but that’s not always enough. To appreciate the young in the world of business, Fortune, a multinational magazine, publishes its ’40 under 40′ list every year. Yesterday, the 2018 Fortune 40 under 40 list was released—and four crypto players made it. Vitalik Buterin makes Fortune 40 under 40, plus more!

11 Crypto SuperHeroes!

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 Andreas M. Antonopoulos | Clark Kent (Superman)@aantonop Represents the best attributes of humanity and the ultimate force of good. Andreas is an advocate for spreading awareness and providing educational content about Bitcoin (and decentralized cryptocurrencies in general). He has written and published more than 200 articles on everything ranging from cryptography, security, distributed

Peter Gabriel Invests in Blockchain Startup

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Musicians have the resources to finance the things they support. Ordinary people try but often fail to have the required funding—which is why we tend to see celebrities investing in crypto and blockchain startups. The latest headline involving a celebrity moving into blockchain is as follows: Peter Gabriel invests in blockchain startup. Peter

Ledger Nano S Supports TRON

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Ledger Nano S supports TRON: TRON (TRX), the world’s eleventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has just made the big announcement that it is now supported on the popular cold storage wallet the Ledger Nano S. Thanks @LedgerHQ for supporting $TRX on your hardware wallet Ledger Nano S! — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron)

EOS Transaction Speed is Breaking Records

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EOS transaction speed: Transaction time is important. It has been a point of concern for many on the Bitcoin network for one, where congestion on the network has created a problem and transaction processing currently takes an average of 8-9 minutes. In fact, transactions on Bitcoins network have ranged anywhere from 10 minutes

A Malta Blockchain Island | Is It Really Happening?

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The European island of Malta, just below Italy and above Africa, is quickly becoming the world’s first blockchain powered island. For the past few months, there have been numerous reports of major blockchain companies and crypto exchanges setting up shop in Malta—but why, why a Malta blockchain island? Opportunity cost. Maltese Government The Government

Fed Chairman on Crypto | Crypto Presents Investor Risk

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Yesterday, bulls charged the crypto market, which caused Bitcoin to add $9B to its market capitalization in less than thirty minutes. But the Fed chairman on crypto is swinging the opposite way. Today, we’ve seen a few bears emerge from the forest. Specifically, the head of the Federal Reserve spoke on cryptocurrencies today,