Solutions to a Google penalty

The answers to a Google penalty are essential to identify what has been the reason for that penalty. As we saw in a previous article, there are several reasons why search engines may have penalized your website. In this article, we will explain the steps to follow to be able to solve this penalty as much as possible over time are. Although it is necessary to make it clear that it is most likely that a website that has been penalized for something serious, will not recover its entire Page Rank at least, in a very long period.

Problem Identification: naturally, the first thing is to identify what the problem is with the web. As a general rule, this should be an easy task for a company’s SEO. If I were the owner of a penalized website, the first thing I would ask SEO agency is: what have you been doing? What has been able to penalize us? And then he would fire him because, in the end, it is most likely that his actions were the cause of the penalty. But first, the important thing is to know why Google has penalized the web, or at least have indications of it.

Hire A New SEO: We have already written about what are the characteristics of good SEO and what you should know to hire a web positioning company, so I will not insist on it. But of course, it doesn’t seem very consistent to continue working with SEO, which, most likely, has been the cause of your penalty.

Establish A Road Map: once we have hired a new SEO and we have explained the situation in which the web is located you must let the new SEO examine the web and carry out an audit so that you can design a sheet of route in which the steps that are going to be taken to solve the problem or problems are described. Frequently, when auditing a website, SEO can be found as what seemed a relatively simple problem to fix, it ends up becoming something more complicated where several issues intermingle.

Fix The Problem (S): once the road map is presented and the issues identified, you have to get down to work. Go solving the problems one by one. Starting from within the web and ending with the external aspects that are influencing that penalty.

Making Sure That There Are No More Problems: carrying out a new SEO review and a new audit would be the most convenient, although I understand that it can be expensive. In any case, your website must fix all the SEO problems you may have as small as they may be. If the reason for the penalty was the purchase of links, but you also had duplicate content, remove those purchased links, and fix your duplicate content problems. If your problem is that you had hidden text and also had a hundred broken links, remove the hidden text and fix the broken links, etc. All these actions will be useful in your next step.

Send A Reconsideration Letter To Google:  the average waiting time for Google to accept your request is between 1 and 3 months, sometimes slightly less. I recommend that you be honest and brief, that you explain the whole story from beginning to end without going around. The problem you think you had and the solution you have carried out. You must understand that people like you and me read these letters, so do not be an edge or write without a tone or are thinking that no one will read or pay attention to you.

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