Seven Tips To Lower The Air Conditioning Bill

In the summer months, the consumption of the air conditioning soars due to the high temperatures. This fact not only affects the environment but on more than one occasion we get a fright with the amount of the electricity bill. According to the Gas Natural Foundation and its latest Energy Efficiency Index, it is estimated that the use of air conditioning has a savings potential of 19.5%.

How to spend less using the air conditioner with these guidelines:

  • Control the temperature. Experts advise keeping the device at around 25 ° C. Keep in mind that each grade you decrease increases energy expenditure by 8%.
  • Place the thermostat away from lamps and televisions. Nor should objects be placed in the inputs or outputs of the device as it would affect its performance.
  • Keep the rooms closed. With unopened doors and windows, energy losses are avoided.
  • Get the correct location. Outside, the air conditioner should be in the shade, without direct solar radiation. And inside the device must be placed on the north side of the house.
  • Connect the device to a 3 socket plug (ปลั๊ก 3 ตา, which is the term in Thai) two hours before use and turn off before leaving the heated room.
  • Do not be impatient to achieve rapid cooling as it is an unnecessary expense.
  • Ventilate the room to renew oxygen. During the summer, it should be done early in the day.

In addition to making sure that we know the tips on how to lower our air conditioning bill, it is essential to pay close attention to the care of the connector plug (ปลั๊ก, which is the term in Thai). If we use them and keep them in perfect condition, they will last much longer and will not cause us more expenses.


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