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Privacy Advocates Blast Facebook After Data Scraping Scandal | Threatpost

Privacy advocates are up in arms after CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this week a Facebook reverse search tool may have compromised the data of the social network’s two billion users. The feature in question was designed to enable users to enter a Facebook user’s phone numbers or email addresses into the social network’s

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Delta, Sears Breaches Blamed on Malware Attack Against a Third-Party Chat Service | Threatpost

Security researchers are pinning a recent data breach – that potentially exposed the credit card information of hundreds of thousands of Delta Air Lines and Sears Holdings customers – on weak third-party security policies. The cyberattack hit software service provider [24], a company that provides online chat services for Delta, Sears and other companies. Hackers targeting

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Rarog Trojan ‘Easy Entry’ For New Cryptomining Crooks, Report Warns | Threatpost

A malware family called Rarog is becoming an appealing and affordable tool for hackers to launch cryptocurrency mining attacks, researchers say. They say the Trojan is low priced, easily configurable and supports multiple cyrptocurrencies, making it an appealing option for hackers. Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 research team, which posted a blog on Wednesday

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Facebook Bolsters Privacy Measures With New Data Access Restrictions | Threatpost

Facebook on Wednesday listed a number of new data access restrictions as the social media company looks to reassure end users that their personal information will remain private. The new measures, detailed in a post by Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer, limit the personal data that apps can collect about end users – including

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Intel Tells Remote Keyboard Users to Delete App After Critical Bug Found | Threatpost

Intel said Tuesday it was putting the kibosh on a popular Android and iOS app called Intel Remote Keyboard after researchers discovered that local attackers can inject keystrokes into a remote keyboard session when in use. The Intel Remote Keyboard product is an Android and iOS app that works in conjunction with Intel’s

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Intel Halts Spectre Fixes On Older Chips, Citing Limited Ecosystem Support | Threatpost

Intel has halted patches for an array of older chips that would protect them against the Spectre vulnerability, according to a recent microcode update. The microcode update shows that its older products – including Wolfdale, Bloomfield, Clarksfield, Gulftown, Harpertown, Jasper Forest, SoFIA 3GR, and Yorkfield – will no longer receive patches. “We’ve now completed

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Insecure SCADA Systems Blamed in Rash of Pipeline Data Network Attacks | Threatpost

After a cyberattack shut down numerous pipeline communication networks this week, experts are stressing the importance of securing third-party systems in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) environments. Over the past two days, various major U.S. pipelines across the country reported data system blackouts after a third-party electronic communication system was attacked. That

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Google’s April Android Security Bulletin Warns of 9 Critical Bugs | Threatpost

Nine vulnerabilities rated critical were patched as part of Google’s Android Security Bulletin for April. Critical vulnerabilities ranged from two remote code execution vulnerabilities tied to the Android media framework, to a Qualcomm Wi-Fi component flaw that allowed a nearby attacker to use “a specially crafted file to execute arbitrary code within the

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U.S. DoD Hopes To Stamp Out Threats With Bug Bounty Program | Threatpost

The U.S. Department of Defense is doubling down on routing out vulnerabilities in its massive government systems. On Monday, the DoD announced it was expanding its bug bounty program to include the agency’s massive Defense Travel System. The “Hack the DTS” program launched in partnership with bug bounty firm HackerOne. It targets potential threats

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Cloudflare Launches Publicly DNS-Over-HTTPS Service | Threatpost

Cloudflare is hoping to boost consumer privacy, reduce the threat of man-in-the-middle attacks, and speed up the internet with a new free solution for securing domain name server traffic that uses the encrypted HTTPS channel. On Sunday, the security focused content delivery network provider, Cloudflare, opened up a global  Domain Name System (DNS)

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