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Teachers can put Chromebooks on lockdown when giving Classroom quizzes – TechCrunch

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Technology’s heavy hitters are in Chicago this week, showing off their latest ed-tech offerings at International Society for Technology in Education conference. For Google, that means some key updates to Classrooms, the free, browser-based educational software that’s currently used by “over 30 million students” globally, by its count. The app is getting a number

Tact $27 M Series C attracts Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce – TechCrunch

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It’s not often you can get three cloud giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce to agree on much of anything, but today they were all part of a $27 million Series C investment in Tact.AI, a startup that has been trying to change the way sales people interact with information in CRM systems

Microsoft backpedals on VR promise – TechCrunch

By | 2018-06-21T21:24:39+00:00 June 21st, 2018|Categories: Microsoft|

If you were still waiting patiently for the virtual reality features that Microsoft promised in 2016, then I have some bad news for you. During E3 last week, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for gaming, Mike Nichols, told that the company had no plans to fulfill that promise. “We don’t have any plans specific to Xbox

Microsoft and Nintendo release Minecraft trailer focused on cross-play – TechCrunch

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In the world of gaming, cross-compatibility between platforms has always bene a bit of a white whale. While most players hope for it, console makers and game publishers haven’t always been so willing. Until recently. Microsoft, Nintendo and PC game makers have started making games more cross-compatible. Most notably, the companies have made

Tech leaders condemn policy leading to family separations at the border – TechCrunch

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Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook have all issued statements By now you’ve seen the photos and videos and probably heard the audio tape. The media coming out of the U.S./Mexico border over the past week has been truly heart-wrenching and horrifying, including, most shockingly, images of young children being housed in what amounts

Microsoft acquires social learning platform Flipgrid – TechCrunch

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Microsoft has acquired Flipgrid, a social education app that utilizes short video clips to create collaborative lesson plans. The Minneapolis-based startup, which began life as Vidku, has had strong growth for an experience that has been alternatively described as Instagram and Snapchat for the classroom. Early last year, it reported an 800 percent

Microsoft is developing its own cashierless store technology, says report – TechCrunch

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Amazon may be facing new competition from Microsoft on its cashierless, automated store technology, according to a new report from Reuters out this morning. The report claims Microsoft is in the process of developing its own systems for tracking what people place in their shopping carts, but doesn’t offer the details of how

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Microsoft gives Office a refreshed look and feel – TechCrunch

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Microsoft today announced that it’s bringing a new user interface design to its Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This new look will be in line with the Fluent Design System the company launched last year and will roll out to both the online apps and the Office desktop tools

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Microsoft announces ‘Halo Infinite’ – TechCrunch

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There were some rumblings that Microsoft might announce a new Halo title at this year’s E3 — and really, what would an Xbox event be without some nod to the perennial favorite sci-fi first-person shooter series? The company didn’t mess around this time. Before Xbox head Phil Schiller even took the stage, the

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