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Microsoft’s Azure Container Instances are now generally available – TechCrunch

If you wanted to play modern software development buzzword bingo, talking about Azure Container Instances (ACI) would surely help you tick a few boxes. The service, which made its debut last July and which is now generally available, gives developers a serverless way to run Linux and Windows containers that frees them from

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Can data science save social media? – TechCrunch

Bob Ackerman Jr. Contributor Robert Ackerman Jr. is the founder and a managing director of Allegis Capital, an early-stage cybersecurity venture firm, and a founder of DataTribe, a startup “studio” for fledgling cyber startups staffed by former government technology innovators and cybersecurity professionals. More posts by this contributor The Trump team has failed

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Microsoft Translator gets offline AI translations – TechCrunch

Chances are you mostly need a translator app on your phone while you are traveling. But that’s also when you are most likely to not have any connectivity. While most translation apps still work when they are offline, they can’t use the sophisticated — and computationally intense — machine learning algorithms in the

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Our event on blockchain will feature the CryptoKitties founder – TechCrunch

TechCrunch is poised to break through the huge noise surrounding blockchain with a new event. Zug, the Swiss Canton just outside of Zurich, has come to be known as “Crypto Valley” because it’s become a regulatory haven where startups are increasingly filing their Initial Coin Offerings. It’s also turned into a place where

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Windows 10 will soon get passwordless logins with Yubico’s Security Key – TechCrunch

Last week, Yubico, the company behind the popular YubiKey USB authentication dongles, announced the launch of its $20 Security Key with support for the FIDO2/WebAuthn standard. With a bit of luck, FIDO2 may just herald the end of passwords and, as the company announced today, Microsoft is putting its weight behind this by announcing

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Microsoft partners with Lightstream Studio to bring customization tools to Mixer streamers – TechCrunch

Microsoft’s Twitch competitor, Mixer, is giving streamers a new way to customize their channels. The company has entered into a partnership with Lightstream Studio to allow Mixer streamers to add images, overlays, transitions, and text to their streams, or to switch between scenes. The goal is to make it easier for creators to

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Skype targets podcasters and live streamers with a new feature for recording video calls – TechCrunch

Microsoft is hoping to capitalize on the popularity of podcasts and videos to make Skype more appealing to content creators. The company is now testing a new “Skype for Content Creators” mode for its desktop app that will allow creators to place and record calls using Skype software, which can either be streamed

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The high-stakes battle for the Pentagon’s winner-take-all cloud contract – TechCrunch

There is a battle afoot, one you might not have heard about yet, but it involves a high-stakes winner-take-all contract for the Department of Defense’s cloud contract. It could involve billions of dollars and when a humongous sum of money meets a set of powerful tech companies, intrigue can’t be far behind. The

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Microsoft launches AI and entry-level software development courses – TechCrunch

Microsoft today launched two new courses in its online education program for developers: an entry-level software development class and an AI course for more advanced developers who want to expand their knowledge of machine learning. It’s no secret that there aren’t enough data scientists and machine learning developers available to fulfill the current

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Microsoft launches 2 new Azure regions in Australia – TechCrunch

Microsoft continues its steady pace of opening up new data centers and launching new regions for its Azure cloud. Today, the company announced the launch of two new regions in Australia. To deliver these new regions, Azure Australia Central and Central 2, Microsoft entered a strategic partnership with Canberra Data Centers and unsurprisingly,

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