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Google debuts a standalone to-do app, Google Tasks – TechCrunch

Along with today’s big reveal of the redesigned version of Gmail, Google also more quietly introduced a new app that ties into its suite of productivity applications: Google Tasks. The app, as the name implies, offers you a dedicated place to create, view and edit your task list and to-do’s, including those created

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Say hello to the new Gmail with self-destructing messages, email snoozing and more – TechCrunch

Today, Google is launching the biggest revamp of Gmail in years. The company is bringing to the flagship Gmail service many (but not all) of the features it trialed in Inbox for Gmail, and adding a few new ones, too. With those new features, which we first reported earlier this month, the company

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Google beats expectations again with $31.15B in revenue – TechCrunch

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, reported another pretty solid beat this afternoon for its first quarter as it more or less has continued to keep its business growing substantially — and is growing even faster than it was a year ago today. Google said its revenue grew 26% year-over-year to $31.16 billion in the

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To win back consumers, big brands should invest in R&D and innovation – TechCrunch

Ryan Caldbeck Contributor Ryan Caldbeck is the founder and chief executive of the consumer and retail investment marketplace CircleUp. More posts by this contributor What Silicon Valley tech VCs get wrong about consumer investing We are on the verge of a consumer M&A avalanche The world of consumer goods is changing. Consumer tastes

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Grasshopper, a learn-to-code app from Google’s Area 120 incubator, goes live – TechCrunch

Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, is today releasing its next creation: a learn-to-code mobile app for beginners called Grasshopper. At launch, the app teaches would-be coders how to write JavaScript, via short lessons on their iPhone or Android device. The goal is to get coders proficient in the basics and core concepts, so

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Google Chrome now mutes annoying videos that autoplay with sound – TechCrunch

There’s good news for Google Chrome users, the latest version of the world’s most popular web browser has arrived with a new feature that prevents websites from automatically playing sound. That means that pre-loaded videos, and other content that involves sound, won’t blare out unless you specifically choose to enable it to. Aside

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ZTE said to be meeting with Google over US export ban – TechCrunch

Yesterday was a rough one for ZTE. A year after pleading guilty to violating sanctions with Iran and North Korea, the U.S. Department of Commerce brought the hammer down and announced a seven-year export restriction on goods sporting U.S. components. That applies to more than a quarter of the components used in the

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Two Facebook and Google geniuses are combining search and AI to transform HR – TechCrunch

Two former product wizards from Facebook and Google are combining Silicon Valley’s buzziest buzz words –search, artificial intelligence, and big data — into a new technology service aimed at solving nothing less than the problem of how to provide professional meaning in the modern world. Founded by chief executive Ashutosh Garg, a former

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Google Cloud releases Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for building chat apps – TechCrunch

Building conversational interfaces is a hot new area for developers. Chatbots can be a way to reduce friction in websites and apps and to give customers quick answers to commonly asked questions in a conversational framework. Today, Google announced it was making Dialogflow Enterprise Edition generally available. It had previously been in Beta.

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Google initiative looks to preserve walkable copies of Earth’s historical sites on the web – TechCrunch

Indiana Jones’ exclamation of, “It belongs in a museum!” is taking a trip into the digital age with a Google initiative that will save archaeological sites to the cloud. Google’s nonprofit Arts and Culture arm is partnering with another nonprofit, Oakland-based CyArk, which flies drones and sets up cameras around historical sites using photogrammetry

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