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The Risks of Bio-IoT –

Bio-IoT: Internet of Things applied to biological systems, such as pharmaceutical delivery systems, implanted medical devices, intelligent prosthetics, surgical assistants, and remote patient monitoring. IoT 2.0, with ample processing resources and OSI-conformant networking, promises vast improvements in health care. A recent paper from the IEEE describes a bright future for medical IoT (The

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Hotel Rooms Around the World Susceptible to Silent Breach

In 2003, researchers from F-Secure were attending a security conference in Berlin -- specifically, the ph-neutral hacker conference -- when a laptop was stolen from a locked hotel room. They reported the theft to the hotel staff, but felt they weren't taken too seriously because, dressed in typical hacker gear, "We kinda looked

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Apple Patches macOS, iOS, Safari

Apple this week released patches to address a handful of security vulnerabilities in macOS, iOS, and Safari. Available for macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, Security Update 2018-001 addresses two vulnerabilities impacting Crash Reporter and LinkPresentation, respectively. The first is a memory corruption issue that could allow an application to gain elevated privileges. Tracked as

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Webinar Today: OMG! Why Do We Need More Awareness Training?

Live Webinar: Wednesday, April 25th at 1PM ET Every organization has a critical weak link in the protection of their systems and data. That weak link is the human behind the keyboard. The need for cybersecurity training of employees cannot be underestimated or overlooked. It takes people with a mind for marketing to

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New Tool Detects Evil Maid Attacks on Mac Laptops

A security researcher has developed a simple tool that helps Mac laptop owners detect unauthorized physical access to their device, also known as an evil maid attack, by monitoring its lid. The free tool, named DoNotDisturb (DND), was created by Patrick Wardle, co-founder and chief research officer at enterprise macOS security company Digita

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Closing the Gaps that Result in Compromised Credentials

Closing Gaps in Credential Security Requires Awareness of What Gaps Exist and How to Mitigate Them On March 23rd, 2018, the United States brought charges against nine Iranians for their alleged state-sponsored attacks against 100,000 university professors worldwide, and in the US. The attackers’ target was “valuable intellectual property and data”, but their

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Portugal Joins NATO Cyber-Defence Centre

Portugal on Tuesday became the 21st country to join NATO's cyber defence centre, the Tallinn-based body said at a flag-raising ceremony.  "We are facing adversaries who target our common values in cyberspace: freedom, truth, trust," centre director Merle Maigre said at the ceremony. "To build resilience we need to come together. That is

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$35 Million Penalty for Not Telling Investors of Yahoo Hack

US securities regulators on Tuesday announced that Altaba will pay a $35 million penalty for not telling them hackers had stolen Yahoo's "crown jewels." The 2014 breach blamed on Russian hackers affected hundreds of millions of Yahoo accounts, with stolen 'crown jewel' data including usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, encrypted passwords, and

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Cambridge Analytica Says it is ‘No Bond Villain’

Cambridge Analytica claimed Tuesday it was "no Bond villain" as it vehemently denied exploiting Facebook users' data for the election campaign of US President Donald Trump. The marketing analytics firm stressed it had deleted data about Facebook users obtained in breach of the social network's terms of service. The information had been gathered

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Safe Browsing Now On by Default on Android

Google is taking another step to protect Android users when browsing the Internet by making Safe Browsing in WebView set by default. Launched in 2007, Google Safe Browsing was designed as an extra layer of protection against phishing and malware attacks, and is available for all users across the web. According to Google,

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