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What is EOS? | Explains EOS Project Through Series of Videos

The EOS team has been releasing videos all week about the project, making it a great time for beginners to check out the EOS blockchain. We’re here to help break things down even further – what is EOS? Let’s find out. Who is Launching the EOS Blockchain? It’s not, if that’s what

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Bitcoin Cash Price Watch | BCH/USD Declines Further, Now Below $1,200

Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash continued its decline this week, falling below the $1,200 mark. BCH/USD failed to break above its previous resistance level of $1,290 despite a minor upside correction. BCH/USD is currently on a bullish run that could retest the $1,200 price level. Bitcoin Cash Price Declines Below $1,200 On Friday morning,

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Bitcoin Price Watch | BTC/USD Declines Further, Drops Below $8,200

On Friday morning, Bitcoin price continued its downward movement from earlier this week, falling below the key support level of $8,200. At one point, BTC/USD was below $8,000; a one-month low. The coin hasn’t been able to break above the key resistance of $8,500 for the past three days. Currently, BTC/USD is trading

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IOTA News | Find Out What MIOTA Has Been Up to This Week

IOTA News: It’s yet another sea of red today on the crypto markets. IOTA (MIOTA), ranked as the 8th largest cryptocurrency, is currently down nearly 10%. Why? Likely because of the overall decline that the crypto markets are experiencing. Most major virtual currencies are down.  What happened with IOTA, though? Did the IOTA

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Coincheck will Expand into the US

Monex Inc., the new owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, has announced that Coincheck will expand into the US. Monex acquired Coincheck back in April, not long after Coincheck experienced one of the largest crypto hacks of all time. Coincheck has been working to recover ever since but hasn’t fully succeeded yet. Now, in

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Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Calls Bitcoin (BTC) a Bubble

The Bitcoin (BTC) bubble theory has resurfaced again, as the founder of world’s largest e-commerce platform, Alibaba, just announced his views of the world’s first digital token. Jack Ma Yun, Alibaba Group’s founder and executive chairman, spoke in a forum on Wednesday and spoke highly of blockchain technology, but expressed his doubts about Bitcoin (BTC).

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World of Ether Reveals First Gameplay

World of Ether  – Over six months ago, on a snowy December day in NYC World of Ether began its development cycle. A month later, the game opened its presale and sold nearly half a million USD of in-game presale assets, called “monster eggs,” in under just two days. Since then its community has

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Consensus 2018 Updates | Blockchain Hype, Falling Prices, Another Heist; It’s Not All Positive

Consensus 2018 Updates: The Consensus summit is an industry event famed for creating excitement and price hikes in the cryptosphere. However, while there was much positive news to write home about, the Consensus also shed light on some not-so-encouraging opinions and facts. Here are some areas of concern to take away with you

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Bitcoin Cash is the Biggest Loser

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the biggest loser among the top ten cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash price lost all the gains that it had generated amid infrastructural developments and analysts bullish bets. It is down almost 25% in the last seven days alone. The coin plunged to the $1,300 range today after touching three months

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Federal Reserve President Predicts Complete Crash

The cryptocurrency market hasn’t gained momentum despite several underlying developments in the last two months. Bitcoin and the rest of the virtual currencies lost the majority of gains that they achieved at the beginning of the month, pulling out almost $90 billion from the total cryptocurrency market capitalization in the last two weeks.

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