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Meme-Based Cryptocurrencies | The Pros and Cons

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Meme-Based Cryptocurrencies: At the end of last year, the crypto market price soared, igniting the mainstream interest in the space that we see today. Despite the popularity, coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ripple (XRP) continue to take precedence. But there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available, with some being meme-based cryptocurrencies. In an

EOS Ranked No.1 in China

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On May 17th, the Chinese government published its public Blockchain and cryptocurrency ratings. Initially, it gave the coveted no.1 spot to Ethereum, but now it has EOS ranked no.1. A second round of the rating list has been released and Ethereum has been pipped to the post by none-other-than EOS (Perhaps the Chinese government

Is Coinbase Adding Ripple? Brad Garlinghouse Believes It Should

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Last week, Coinbase announced that it will soon be adding Ethereum Classic. The move sparked joy across the crypto-board. However, some were left wondering – is Coinbase adding Ripple? Considering Coinbase is moving to Japan, where XRP is popular and is openly looking to list new virtual currencies, it seems like it’s only a

Chinese Crypto Miner Arrested for Stealing Electricity

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Chinese crypto miner arrested: A man has been arrested in the Anhui Province of China for allegedly stealing 150 megawatts (MW) of electricity. Chinese Crypto Miner Arrested Local media outlet Xinhua reported the arrest today, stating that the man, known under the surname Ma, had more than 200 computers that he was attempting

FSA Flags 6 Native Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Japan has also been a crypto-forward and friendly country, but it seems Japan’s top financial regulator is putting its foot down on cryptocurrency exchanges. Just this morning, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) issued six new business improvements to the list of 16 cryptocurrency exchanges it previously approved. The list of Japenese crypto exchanges receiving

Robinhood Stock Trading App | Applying for a National Banking Carter

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Robinhood stock trading app: A National Banking Charter is attractive to many financial tech companies but alas! it is very hard to get. That hasn’t stopped California-based stock trading app Robinhood from approaching regulators at the Office of Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), with an ambition to acquire necessary licenses allowing it to receive a

Crypto World Cup Day 8

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It’s day 8 of the Crypto World Cup, and we have some of the biggest players facing off with one another. Charlie Lee will play against Vitalik Buterin in a nail-biting match. Plus, Charles Hoskinson, Apolo Ohno, Bill Barhydt, and Tiffany Hayden. You won’t want to miss it! If you don’t know them

Blockchain in Switzerland | Blockchain will “Penetrate” it’s Entire Economy

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Blockchain in Switzerland: It seems that blockchain technology is expected to infiltrate Switzerland’s economy even more-so. Already, the Alpine nation has been known as quite the hot-spot for all things cryptocurrency. But this time it seems that the technology behind blockchain specifically, allows for a real push in technological advancement for the nation.

Foreign Exchanges and Crypto | Should you Inform the IRS?

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The IRS may be cracking down on crypto bought on foreign exchanges as part of a technicality involving overseas holdings. Americans who hold more than $10,000 abroad are required to file Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) reports each year with the U.S. Treasury Department. They are also required by the Foreign Account

Crypto Energy Consumption | Good Things to Know About Bitcoin Mining

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Crypto energy consumption: Bitcoin took the world by storm. Some experts warned against trading it, touting it as fraudulent. But as time went by, the cryptocurrency remained strong, surprising everyone. These days a lot of people are trading Bitcoin and investing in it, in hopes of making a profit. There are still some