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Ethereum Smart Contract Bug | Causes Suspension of ERC20 Deposits

Several crypto exchanges have temporarily suspended ERC20 deposits due to the discovery of an Ethereum smart contract bug. A Medium post from April 22nd announced the discovery. Labelled as the “batchOverflow” vulnerability, this Ethereum smart contract bug allows hackers to generate a large number of tokens from nothing and then deposit those tokens

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Cardano (ADA) & Ethereum (ETH) Soar

Cardano (ADA) & Ethereum (ETH) – The cryptocurrency market is continuing to climb today and is currently sitting just over $430 billion. Today, we’re taking a look at two cryptocurrencies that are soaring on the market today. Source: CoinMarketCap Despite a few regulations being implemented in Iran and the SEC planning further crypto

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Crypto Trading Tips | The Common Crypto Mistakes to Avoid

Cryptocurrencies are subject to great debate nowadays. While some top business personalities around the world bill crypto-currencies as futuristic and sustainable, others are widely skeptical and compare them to a fragile bubble waiting to burst. Rates of major crypto-currencies have soared over recent months. And they have dropped too. For example, the world’s

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How Bitcoin Could Become Irrelevant

Bitcoin could become irrelevant if any of the ideas put forth by MIT students become a reality. First though, let’s go back to 2008 when the US went through the worst recession in history; it was even considered to be greater than the “great depression”. The cause of it ultimately came down to the banks issuing

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Martin Lewis is Suing Facebook over Crypto Scams

Crypto scams are not new. In fact, we have seen many this year. It’s a recognized problem within the crypto space, and now it appears one British finance behemoth has had enough. Now, Martin Lewis is suing Facebook. Lewis has had enough of Facebook acting as the platform in which crypto scams are

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Cryptocurrency Worth | Market Surpasses $420 Billion as Altcoins Shine

What is the total market of Cryptocurrency worth right now? It may surprise some to hear that the market cap has exceeded the $420 billion level for the first time in seven weeks: the emerging coin market has increased at a robust pace over the previous two weeks driven by prompt growth in

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Altcoins Moving into Green Zone

The crypto markets are looking good today. All of the top 10 coins on CoinMarketCap are in the green territory – the list features coins like Icon (ICX) and Stellar (XLM), as well as Bitcoin (BTC). Today, however, we are just going to be focusing on Icon (ICX) and Stellar (XLM).  Icon (ICX)

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EOS and TRON (TRX) | New Listings, New Updates

Some of the biggest crypto winners of the day so far include EOS and TRON (TRX). What’s happening with these coins? EOS EOS is currently selling for $13.61, which puts the coin up 17.59% in the past 24 hours. Source: CoinMarketCapEOS has been ramping up since the second week of April, with EOSIO

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Bitcoin Price | UK Regulators Acceptance Could Lead to a Long Bull Run

British regulators have hinted at their possible acceptance of cryptocurrency and as a result, the Bitcoin price (BTC) bull-run could expand even further. The trading environment has been changing dramatically in favor of bulls who expect robust growth in bitcoin price throughout the second half of this year. Bitcoin price breached the $9,000

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Bitcoin Cash Price | BCH Reaches Three-Month High, Grows 20% in a Day

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has reached a three-month high today as its dramatic upswing extends. It began to soar by 20% in Monday trading. The BCH coin rose 18% earlier today before losing some value later in the trade – but as a whole, the coin is up almost 98% since last week. The

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