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Autonomous Co-Pilot: How GM Plans to Revolutionize Consumer Use of Autonomous Driving Technology While Keeping You Focused at the Wheel

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In the competition amongst automobile manufactures to knock autonomous driving out-of-the-park, Cadillac is next up to the plate.  Recently – rolling-out its newest autonomous driving technology – General Motors (“GM”) announced, beginning in 2020, “semi-autonomous” driving will be available in all Cadillac models.  Dubbed “Super Cruise,” the technology is GM’s latest attempt to

Jumpstarting the Competition: General Motors and Honda Partner on Next-Generation Electric Vehicle Batteries

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Mirroring Kevin Durant joining forces with his direct competition, the Golden State Warriors, Honda and General Motors (“the companies”) have teamed up – working together on next-generation electric vehicle (“EV”) batteries – to take on the ultra-competitive EV market.  Specifically, the multiyear partnership consists of Honda buying battery modules based on the next

Automakers Celebrate Strong June Sales as Industry Prepares for Potential Impact of Tariffs

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Automakers reported strong June sales in the United States.  Riding a wave of truck sales and new crossovers, GM posted a 4.6% increase for the second quarter and increased its market share to 16.6%.  Ford increased total sales in June by 1.2% over June 2017, and increased SUV and truck sales by 8.9%

Recharging Electric Vehicle Incentive Limits

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Recently, Representative Peter Welch of Vermont introduced legislation restructuring the planned phase out for the current electric vehicle $7500 federal tax credit.  As has been discussed in great detail in this blog, the current electric vehicle incentives begin to phase out individually for each manufacturer when that manufacturer delivers its 200,000th electric vehicle. 

Alert from Foley’s Mexico City Office – New Product Safety Requirements and Recall Procedures Adopted in Mexico: Time for Manufacturers to Update their Compliance Programs in Mexico

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The commercial and legal environment on product safety in vehicles, auto parts and other products has substantially changed in Mexico in 2018. Automotive parts manufacturers carrying out business activities in Mexico should now be implementing increased efforts to comply with and properly react to new legislation, policies, recall procedures and safety standards that

Michigan Doubles Down on Mobility and Announces a new Eight Million Dollar Grant Program

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Michigan, the cradle of the American automotive industry, has made no secret of its desire to remain an industry leader in mobility as the industry continues to evolve.  On May 30, 2018, Michigan announced a new $8 Million Michigan Mobility Challenge grant that would be available to fund new mobility projects across the

Tariffs Wreak Havoc with The Auto Industry

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Trade issues have been concerning the automotive industry for some time.  Whether it be NAFTA renegotiations (or NAFTA scrapping), Section 232 Tariffs, Exceptions to Section 232 Tariffs, ever since the current administration was elected, the Dashboard has been predicting that trade issues could upend the automotive industry.  That day appears to have come

Protecting IP, Finding Investors, Navigating Legislation Drive Discussion at Foley’s Emerging Automotive Technologies Program

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Fully connected and self-driving cars are here. Improvements to alternative energy sources for vehicles continue to advance at a rapid pace. The automotive industry is potentially facing dramatic new legal and regulatory challenges. And the road ahead shows no signs of slowing down. That was the underlying premise of Foley’s “Emerging Automotive Technologies:

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Supply Chain Disruptions Reportedly Increased by 30 Percent Last Year

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According to a report by JLT Specialty, the automotive industry “was the most disrupted sector in 2017” with an increase in supply chain disruptions by 30 percent over 2016.  The JLT report identified the top five supply chain events as: Factory Fires or Explosions Mergers and Acquisitions Hurricanes, Typhoons, Cyclones Business Sales or

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Carrot or Stick: Strategies Successfully Encouraging EV Adoption

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In 2017, for the first time ever, Norway registered more electric and hybrid vehicles than traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines.  Even in the United States, as of May Tesla’s Model 3 became the best selling vehicle in its segment, regardless of powertrain, beating out traditional stalwarts from the traditional German luxury marques. 

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