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With new tech coming online, cities need a department of urban testing – TechCrunch

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Shaun Abrahamson Contributor More posts by this contributor How should startups work with city governments? The design and operation of cities is the province of urban planning. But an explosion of startups in cities means a lot of new products and services for urban areas. The problem is, we don’t really know how

CloudHealth adds support for Google Cloud amid growing demand – TechCrunch

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CloudHealth, a startup that enables customers to manage a multi-cloud environment, announced today it was adding support for Google Cloud Platform. With today’s addition, CloudHealth now supports AWS, Azure, VMware and Google, giving customers a fairly comprehensive view of their cloud usage. Company co-founder and CTO Joe Kinsella says the company has been

Amazon sponsors new Disrupt SF 2018 Virtual Hackathon prizes – TechCrunch

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Our first Virtual Hackathon, which takes place at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 on September 5-7, is shaping up to be a world-class showdown. Thousands of the world’s best programmers, hackers, marketers, designers and developers will compete. One hundred teams will score free passes to Disrupt SF 2018, and one team will go

Amazon’s new Part Finder helps you shop for those odd nuts and bolts – TechCrunch

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Got an odd screw, nut, bolt, washer or fastener you need to buy more of, but have no idea to how to find the right one? Amazon’s “Part Finder” can help. The company has rolled out a new feature on mobile that lets you point your camera at the item in question, so

Malta paves the way for a decentralized stock exchange – TechCrunch

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Malta AKA “Blockchain Island” has been making waves lately in the world of cryptocurrency and governance. Their latest move involves the crypto exchange Binance and the ICO builders at Neufund. The plan is simple: Neufund will help MSX, the Malta Stock Exchange’s skunkworks, create tokenized securities. Binance has agreed to carry these securities

Ofo shuts down many international markets to focus on profitability – TechCrunch

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Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo is entering a new phase. After a period of aggressive growth, the company is looking back at its international markets and focusing on the most promising ones. A couple of weeks ago, the company issued a press release highlighting some of the priorities outside of China. As part of

Even raises $40M to transform the working class to the savings class – TechCrunch

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The working class of the United States doesn’t get many breaks these days. It’s not just a function of low pay and long hours, but also the incredible uncertainty of income and expenses that makes surviving week-to-week so challenging. One in five Americans have a negative net wealth, even in an economy where

IBM Watson Health and the VA extends partnership in cancer research – TechCrunch

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IBM Watson Health and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) announced today their continued partnership to use Watson’s artificial intelligence to support Veterans suffering from late stage cancer. While perhaps better known as a Jeopardy! winner than an oncologist, Watson joined the VA’s Precision Oncology program in 2016 following the Obama administration’s introduction of

India’s BookMyShow pulls in $100M to grow its online ticketing business – TechCrunch

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BookMyShow, an online ticketing service for cinemas, theatres and sports in India, has pulled in $100 million in new capital for growth. The Series D round was led by private investment firm TPG Growth and it included participation from undisclosed existing investors. BookMyShow, which is headquartered in Mumbai, has now raised a total of

Alibaba boosts its offline reach with $2B+ investment in outdoor digital marketing firm – TechCrunch

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Alibaba is investing big bucks into offline distribution. The Chinese e-commerce giant has forked out $2.23 billion in exchange for a sizeable piece of Focus Media, a Shanghai-based company that operates outdoor digital advertising screens across China, Singapore and Hong Kong, according to a U.S. filing. The deal itself is broken up into a few pieces.