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AnyVision AI startup locks in $28M for its body and facial recognition tech – TechCrunch

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As image recognition advances continue to accelerate, startups with a mind towards security applications are seeing some major interest to turn surveillance systems more intelligent. AnyVision is working on face, body and object recognition tech and the underlying system infrastructure to help companies deploy smart cameras for various purposes. The tech works when deployed

Disney to debut its first VR short next month – TechCrunch

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Walt Disney Animation Studio is set to debut its first VR short film, Cycles, this August in Vancouver, the Association for Computing Machinery announced today. The plan is for it to be a headliner at the ACM’s computer graphics conference (SIGGRAPH), joining other forms of VR, AR and MR entertainment in the conference’s designated Immersive

Surprise! Top sites still fail at encouraging non-terrible passwords – TechCrunch

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You would think that Amazon, Reddit, Wikipedia and other highly popular websites would by now tell you that “password1” or “hunter2” is a terrible password — just terrible. But they don’t. A research project that has kept tabs on the top sites and their password habits for the last 11 years shows that

Jido Maps is building a ‘save button’ for persistent AR worlds – TechCrunch

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Augmented reality tech is in this incredibly weird position where it has the world’s biggest tech companies cheerleading consumer-facing products highlighting it but there are some very base issues that haven’t been solved yet. Jido Maps, which just graduated from Y Combinator’s most recent class, is another startup aiming to deliver the backend

Walmart acquiring Shopify is no longer a laughable idea – TechCrunch

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Sujay Seetharaman Contributor Sujay Seetharaman is a Customer Success Manager and a Market Analyst at eCommerce market intelligence firm PipeCandy As competition between Walmart and Amazon intensifies, the acquisition of Shopify’s merchant marketplace may be the boost that the Walton family’s juggernaut needs to move ahead. In May this year, Amazon published its small

Autonomous trucking startup Embark lands $30 million in funding – TechCrunch

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Embark Trucks has raised $30 million in a Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital in its bid to be the first to develop and launch a commercially viable driverless truck. Sequoia partner Pat Grady has joined Embark’s board. Existing investors including Data Collective, YCombinator, SV Angel and AME Cloud also participated in

Yelp partners with event management startup Gather to make planning your next party easier – TechCrunch

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Event management software company Gather today announced the introduction of its Gather Booking Network, and inaugural partners Yelp and EVENTup. The network is designed to help party goers, venues and event planners connect more easily and start celebrating sooner. Gather was founded in 2013 by CEO and co-founder Nick Miller, Alex Lassiter (SVP

Disney’s streaming service is resurrecting ‘The Clone Wars’ – TechCrunch

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars, an animated series that ran on Cartoon Network for five seasons, is coming back. Created by George Lucas and overseen by Dave Filoni, the show depicted the adventures of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as new characters like Ahsoka Tano, during the titular Clone Wars. Fans praised

Last call for tickets to the TechCrunch Summer Party at August Capital – TechCrunch

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The TechCrunch Summer Party at August Capital is the stuff of Silicon Valley legend. We’re celebrating 13 years of libations and convivial conversation while toasting the entrepreneurial spirit on the deck at August Capital in Menlo Park on July 27. And we want you to join us. If you have not yet secured your ticket

Euro startup FlixBus expands its $10 bus service in California – TechCrunch

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FlixBus, the low-cost bus service out of Europe, is doubling down on its U.S. launch. The parent company, FlixMobility, started cheap bus routes between Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson just two months ago. Now it’s adding another 16 connections throughout central and northern California. as well as Nevada and Arizona. The