On 16 and 17 June 2016 CARPOL’s plenary meeting took place at Europol in The Hague, held under  the current Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU. CARPOL is the network of EU law enforcement contact points for tackling cross-border vehicle crime, established based on the Council Decision 919/2004 of 17 December 2004. CARPOL is focuses mainly on policy issues, as operational matters are already led by Europol. Digitpol attended the CARPOL 2016 meeting and joined the panelist discussion.

“CARPOL contributed its first analysis, based on data collected by all the EU Member States, as input for Europol’s 2018-2020 SOCTA. The new Europol Regulation will offer CARPOL a promising perspective for a further ‘chain approach’ and synergy in public-private partnerships. The extraordinary well planned meeting proved the hard work is paying off”

The topics on CARPOL’s agenda are not just focused on law enforcement policy, but also policy questions which have to be answered by other parties in the broader EU framework around vehicle crime. Hence CARPOL have taken the initiative to establish a platform for public-private partnership on an EU level. In the meantime eight EU stakeholders have already discovered common issues they are faced with such as mileage fraud and the approach for tackling the malicious trade in spare parts and car components.

Just before the CARPOL meeting there was an open seminar related to the ‘car of the future’ and public-private partnerships. The red line was the rapid development from classic car crime to sophisticated cybercrime. The potential applications from the car of the future to ‘crime control’ and the sliding panels in public private partnership show different speeds and tracks for tackling vehicle crime and financial investigations.

Vehicle Crime

Vehicle crime is a highly organized criminal activity affecting all regions of the whole world and with clear links to organized crime and terrorism. Vehicles are not only stolen for their entire functionality, vehicles are also trafficked to finance other crimes. They can also be used as bomb carriers or in the perpetration of other crimes. At the end of December 2015 7.4 million records of reported stolen motor vehicles were registered globally.

How can Digitpol help with vehicle crime?

Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Investigators and Forensic experts are located globally and operate on appointment, when you hire us to recover your car back we operate on an hourly rate. We don’t charge any additional fees only the time involved.

We require the following documents.

  1. We need to see the required documents and be sasitifed the claim is authentic
  2. Once we analyze the case and claim we then deploy our specalised teams
  3. When possible, we examine the vehicle on-site
  4. Ensure the orginal identity is correct by forensic methods
  5. With the right documents the vehicle can be returned to its lawful owner
  6. All procdures are arranged via a Law Enforcement Agency or Attorney


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