Your Personal Guide To Getting the Perfect 1911 Holster OWB

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Best 1911 Holsters of 2022 - Task & Purpose

Worldwide, numerous government and law enforcement units still use 1911 as their primary sidearm. There isn’t a solitary person on the planet who hasn’t heard of it.  Even the big gun manufacturers have their own 1911 model line. There are also many aftermarket variations for this classic weapon. 1911 Holster OWB thus holds important significance in the holster market.

If you are working as a security guard, riding around the property, or practicing your shooting, you need to have the right holster for you. 

When selecting your 1911 Holster OWB, you might want to consider the factors you might be interested in. Factors including the ability to hide one’s 1911 behind a long shirt or a jacket, keeping the firearm close to the body to avoid printing, and available concealed carry choices might guide you to your ideal product. 

Let’s first understand the needs of your glorious 1911 gun. 

Historic Glory of the 1911: 

Created by John Browning in the 1890s, 1911 introduced a significant advance in the production of weapons: the interchangeability of components from other manufacturers. They would check that the components from any manufacturer could fit any 1911 model pistol by dumping all of the various 1911 parts into a bucket and selecting a random part from each.

The 1911 is steeped in American history, making it a great choice for those who want firearms with backstories. This time-honored mainstay of the American military remains in use. Even now, the M1911 and its many versions are carried by many special forces.

The Built of 1911 Handgun:

Single-action triggers, like the one used in the 1911, have a direct link to the hammer. By making it simple to pull the trigger, this feature prevents your aim from being affected by the motion.There are two separate safety features offered. The grip safety is available in addition to the lock safety. The 1911’s overly cautious safety precautions are unpopular with some individuals. The 1911’s weight is another drawback. The overall weight of a loaded M1911 is three pounds.

Guidelines while Looking for an Ideal 1911 Holster OWB:

Determine which characteristics are most important to you before making an outside-the-waistband holster purchase. The holster should be precisely formed on a copy of the weapon to ensure the finest fit. You can trust that a holster constructed in this manner will provide enough natural retention. 

Also, your new holster has to be as comfortable as possible, which is equally crucial. The material that a holster is constructed of often determines how comfortable it is. For this reason, leather 1911 holsters are the most comfortable. The trigger guard of the handgun should also be entirely covered by the holster for safety. Additionally, they need to be simple to go to and fast to draw from.

 In places where open carry is permitted, OWB holsters provide greater carrying comfort and are thus a preferable choice. An Outside the Waistband(OWB) holster is a good option for open carry if you like to wear looser shirts or constantly have on a jacket. If that’s the case, you need to choose a holster that doesn’t leave any visible marks.

In order to ensure the holster is suitable for daily use, one must ensure that it provides maximum security, excellent retention, a snug fit, easy access, a quick draw, and high-quality construction. This is crucial in order to respect the gun’s authority. The full-size 1911 is the most widely used handgun in the world even though it has been around for more than a century.


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