What are the common causes of data breaches? Find here!

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As an entrepreneur, you probably hear many things about cybersecurity and data protection. These are relevant and important terms, primarily because many companies, including globally-famed brands, have suffered because of security breaches and data theft. Knowing the causes can help in detecting the cybersecurity issues of an organization and preventing hacking attempts. In this post, we are sharing the common causes of online security breaches

  1. Unpatched apps, software and firmware

Using unpatched applications, software, and firmware can leave your networks and systems exposed to jackers. All companies that sell business products do offer updates, which contain patches that help in fixing bugs and vulnerabilities that can be otherwise exploited by cybercriminals. 

Solution: No matter whether you are dealing with IP cameras, or accounting software, ensure that your product is updated to the latest version. 

  1. Malware

Malware is the short for malicious software. Sometimes, malicious software can be installed by just clicking on one link or popup, and one of the most common ways that hackers use is called phishing. Phishing has caused damage to numerous companies and users, and it often is done by sending malicious links or even attachment via email. 

Solution: Educate your employees on malicious software and phishing attacks. Let them know the kind of websites and apps they need to avoid and ask them to report every possible issue to the management. 

  1. Passwords

Believe it or not, passwords are often one of the foremost causes of data breaches. Weak passwords often leave room for hackers to get into systems, and it only takes a single form of infiltration to compromise with the entire system. Similarly, stolen passwords can be a major source of concern. Sometimes, employees end up being too casual about passwords and how they store details. 

Solution: Ensure that only complex passwords are used by all users, which should include uppercase, lowercase, and special characters. Also, all default passwords must be changed immediately, and revoke the access rights of employees who left the organization, and recommend a password management tool that’s reliable and can be used by everyone. 

Final word

Now that you have figured out the basic & common causes of data breaches, take steps towards developing a system that addresses these aspects. Getting everyone involved is the best way to address cybersecurity concerns, and every single step does matter for preventing hacking attempts. If required, you can always hire a cybersecurity expert!


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