Thai Marriage Visa Application – Residing in Thailand Together With Your Thai Spouse

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Are you currently married to some Thai? And do you want to stay in Thailand? In case your response to both questions is absolutely, the Thai immigration has something to get making your wish happen.

Applying a Thai marriage visa is definitely an choice for the foreign spouse of the Thai national who want to get ready the Land of Smiles. This visa applies for just one year and it is renewable as lengthy because the financial needs are met through the applicant. With this particular entry permit, the holder can also be permitted to operate and generate earnings in the united states so long as he is able to secure a piece permit to choose the visa.

The primary needs from the Thai marriage visa application are listed below:

a. Legally married to some Thai – You should present a married relationship certificate to demonstrate this. Should you get wed in Thailand, a duplicate from the affirmation of freedom to marry can also be needed.

b. In a position to establish good financial status through the following means:

• THB 40,000 monthly earnings – secure an affidavit of earnings out of your embassy in Thailand which you’ll affix together with your earnings statement/bank statements

• THB 400,000 deposit inside a Thai banking account – the funds ought to be sitting staying with you for just two several weeks prior to the visa application as well as for 3 several weeks prior to the renewal from the visa.

The foreign spouse needs to secure a preliminary visa, a 90-day Non Immigrant O, in the Thai embassy/consulate in the home country just before visiting Thailand. Once in the united states, the visa could be extended right into a twelve months marriage visa as lengthy because the needs are met. Extension can be achieved as soon as a 3 week period prior to the expiration from the 90-day visa.

To increase your visa, you needs to go to the nearest Thai immigration office together with his documents after which submit his application for extension. The main one year marriage visa is granted as lengthy as all needed documents are supplied.

To maintain your marriage visa, you should are accountable to the closest immigration office every 3 months to tell them regarding your address. If you’re not in the united states when you’re due for any report, there’s nothing to bother with when you are not needed. A brand new 90-day counting commences when you are getting to Thailand.

To guarantee the success of the Thai marriage visa application, it is best to talk to Thai immigration experts for guidance and advice. By doing this, your plan of settling in Thailand is going to be effective and straight forward.

Mr. Jirasak Taosiri is really a licensed Thai lawyer. He presently works best for G.A.M Legal Alliance, Thailand’s Provider of 5 Star Legal Service, because the acting Legal manager. Just before his employment with G.A.M, he’s labored for worldwide lawyers in Thailand giving him enough exposures within the fields of Thai Property Law, Thai Immigration Law, Thai Divorce and Thai Corporate Law.


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