Step By Step: How To Be MEI

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There are no more excuses to continue working with photography informally, is there?! Don’t wait any longer; open your MEI and professionalize your photography business.

Now that you know everything about MEI let’s see how to be an Individual Micro entrepreneur.

#1 – Documents In Hand

Before starting the formalization, have your CPF numbers, voter registration card, or the receipt of your last income tax return if you have declared it in the last two years.

Registration will also require your cell phone number and the zip code of your residence, and where you will work.

#2 – Consultation With The City Hall

It is also essential to confirm with your city hall if your activity is regulated in the city and requires any business license, license, or other documents you must provide.

#3 – Enter The Request

Access the Entrepreneur Portal, the Federal Government’s official website, and enter your CPF and your date of birth.

If you have already filed Income Tax, the next step is to fill in the receipt number from your last tax return. Those who are exempt must put the voter registration number. Fill in the other personal information requested by the tool.

#4 – Inform CNAE For A Photographer

The next step is to let me know what kind of activity you want to do as an MEI. Look for the occupation of photographer, which must be represented by CNAE 74.20-0/01. There are specific activities for marine and aerial photographers. If this is your case, you should look for the corresponding CNAE code.

#5 – Choose Secondary Activities

MEI allows you to list some secondary activities that you will perform as an Individual Micro entrepreneur photographer. If that makes sense to you, scroll down the sidebar of secondary activities, such as photo printing or curating for museum exhibits, and select those that are linked to your work with photography.

#6 – Post-registration

After registering, you will already have access to your CNPJ number, registration with the Board of Trade, INSS, and the Provisional Operating Permit. This is generated in a single document: the Certificate of Status as an Individual Micro entrepreneur (CCMEI).

#7 – DAS Payment

Registration as an MEI photographer is entirely free, but you will have to generate and make the first DAS payment with the process in progress. Defaulting entrepreneurs run the risk of having their MEI conditions permanently revoked.

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