Smartphone Database Integration Outlook

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Mobile usage and much more particularly smartphone usage, represents a distinctive chance for application developers and brand proprietors alike to create new revenue and brand awareness. The mixture of always on 3G Internet, Gps navigation and portability, implies that individuals are more and more embracing their smartphones for business, shopping and leisure activities. Unlike open platforms like the Internet, smartphones are separated by a variety of os’s, handsets and carrier support.

Share of the market Trends

The mobile os’s to focus on are Apple’s iPhone OS 3., RIM’s Blackberry 4.6 and Google’s Android. Fundamental essentials largest growing mobile OS platforms others for example Symbian and Home windows Mobile have slower development in share of the market as well as are afflicted by platform “fragmentation”, further lowering their effective share of the market. Of all of the competing os’s, just the iPhone/ipod device Touch enables for near universal database integration.

The chance of Fragmentation

Software fragmentation to put it simply, may be the incompatibility that comes from software that starts from the common codebase and also over time through updates and revisions, forks into multiple teams of unique code. A non-tech example will be the British language today there are many ‘languages’ of British all over the world. Many are easily recognizable, while some are beyond comprehension with no translation. Fragmentation, causes it to be impossible to produce one form of a credit card applicatoin per platform, rather the developer must craft multiple versions, each one of these tailored to some specific device or operating-system.

There’s significant platform fragmentation with non Apple devices, particularly the Blackberry OS, having a large roster of legacy devices like the blackberry 8100, 8700 and 8800 families. As an example the Blackberry Storm 2 runs os5., includes a touchscreen, accelerometerc and Open GL for 3d graphics. The Blackberry Blackberry Bold 9700 however, launched simultaneously uses the standard keyboard/ non touchscreen layout, doesn’t include Open GL support and utilizes a different screen resolution. Situations are potentially worse with Google’s Android, because of its free nature and insufficient standardized models. Each manufacturer can take shape an entirely unique Android phone running on a number of OS versions, varying from Android 1.5, 1.6, 2., 2..1,and a pair of.1.

The iPhone line could be attracted into three primary groupings the initial iPhone, the ipod device Touch and also the apple iphone. Most software written for that platform will operate on the initial iphone, aside from applications which use the compass, MMS, or Gps navigation. The ipod device Touch doesn’t have a video camera, so any application that requires a video camera won’t function. The apple iphone may be the newest model and it is becoming the baseline model for application developers, especially individuals utilizing live video and placement based services.


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