Key Factors For Industrial And Technological Diversification In The Covid-19 Period

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In addition to technology and industry, there are other key factors that underpin the success of a process of industrial and technological diversification in the current scenario and that must be taken into account when facing a strategic process of this nature.

There are six key factors and they are summarized in:

  • The Innovation Ecosystems to complement those insufficient capacities in the diversification process or to enrich it with new attributes, benefits or innovations.
  • The methodologies or models Diversification as tools to systematize a process of diversification and expand the vision disruptive and innovative as possible.
  • The Digital Transformation as a technological lever for the development of diversifications more aligned with the demands and needs of today’s society.
  • The Technology as a fulcrum on which to pivot diversification.
  • The industry, like a smart factory, is a productive and commercial force, which manufactures the results of diversification and puts them into the market.
  • The agile organizations that respond quickly and diligently to changes in the environment.

Industrial Diversification

To conclude, industrial and technological diversification is a business strategy, especially interesting for SMEs, to face periods of crisis, such as the one that is approaching in the post-COVID period19, but it is also a mechanism for adaptation to new boundary conditions caused by drastic and sudden changes in the environment, as has happened with the COVID19 pandemic.

There is a need for an organization prepared to diversify and cultivate public-private collaboration in a sustained manner over time, that manages its industrial and technological heritage periodically and methodically. An organization that has technological surveillance mechanisms to keep abreast of technical advances and technological and commercial development of other industrial sectors, which invests in R & D & i as a strategic factor, a multidisciplinary organization without many hierarchies. In short, an organization that is prepared to respond through technological innovation in an agile and diligent way to changes in the environment.


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