How to use social media to create brand awareness for a new product

Every business has to start from somewhere. It takes time to grow a business. People do not become billionaires overnight. Apple, Microsoft, Google and other companies like them have been in business for decades. That’s why they are at this point of success. But you cannot keep working hard to grow a tree that does not bear any fruits. You must need money to sustain your life and your business must make you some profit even if you are just starting out.

What should you do for early profits?

Unless people know that you exist, they cannot become your customers. If you are launching a new product, you must create awareness among people about it. People must know that your product exists. The real question is how you can do it.

Social media marketing comes to the rescue

You can use social media marketing to create brand awareness for your product. Everyday billions of people are active on social media. If you could place your product right in front of them, you can easily get the early exposure to lots of potential customers.

Which platforms to target

In the initial stage, it is best to target Facebook and Instagram. Both of these platforms are equally great to engage users and create awareness.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook. You can post ads on these platforms so people would become aware of your product. You can use different Facebook and Instagram advertising services[jasa iklan instagram, which is the term in Indonesian] provided by digital marketing agencies. They will help you create best possible ads for your business.

You can also try posting ads by yourself. If you understand your product well, you can figure out the potential buyers for it. You just have to create an ad that would cater to those people.


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