Everything you should know about dedicated servers

Before you plan of buying the dedicated server hosting, it is important to learn about these servers in detail. In this article, we will highlight the different things about these hardware servers and their customization. A layperson just understands these dedicated servers as the servers which are not shared and are available for a full specified usage. This definition is true but is incomplete. A dedicated server provides you with a better security and enhance the experience of customers at your website. 

What is a dedicated server? 

When you do not share the server space with any other website owner, and you become the controlling person of the attached hardware located at some place in the world, you are suing a dedicated server. These servers are easily available now and many good websites are running through these cheap dedicated servers Australia. These servers can easily be customized and tailored as per your needs and this is the best part of running your website through these servers. If you are unable to enjoy a smooth experience of your website, you are required to rethink about the quality of your server and replace it with a more stable version. 

If more people are visiting your website now as compared to past, you might start facing trouble with the loading time. With shared servers, most websites go down for an indefinite period of time, especially when you have bought the services from cheap companies. It is therefore suggested to always purchase the right form of hosting and that too from a reputed company. 

How these dedicated servers work? 

It is essential to learn the working mechanism of these dedicated servers Australia. These servers are like huge computers which are placed at a distant place and your website is hosted on these computers which are never shut down and that is why your website never goes down. These servers are provided by well-known companies and a cheap company can never afford to provide you with these sophisticated versions of internet servers. These servers are required to be maintained on a regular basis, dividing these servers in two main categories: 

  • Managed servers
  • Un-managed servers

Managed servers are the servers which are organized by third party service providers and you are not actually responsible for the maintenance side. With these servers you are provided with ultimate support and help facility. If you are new to the online business world, it is recommended to go for managed dedicated servers and slowly shift to the unmanaged servers which are available at reduced rates. Most people do not want to experience the hassle of managing the servers on their own and therefore they pick the facility of 24/7 management by the companies which are providing the hosting. 

There are many advantages of using the dedicated servers which we have discussed in another article in detail. However, with these dedicated servers the performance of your business becomes better and it enjoys quick success as compared to getting hosted at shared servers. 


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