Crypto Gaming – A New Way To Game

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Blockchain-based games enable features and technologies not available on traditional games such as Play-To-Earn, where a player can be rewarded for playing the game or completing in-game challenges. The rewards are often in the game’s native token, which can be exchanged for fiat (real world money such as USD, Euros, GBP etc).

Regardless of the notion that the crypto gaming industry is still in its infancy, it has garnered a dedicated following. If you want to learn about crypto gaming and what the future holds for this relatively new genre, we have got you covered.

Blockchain & Crypto Gaming

To comprehend crypto gaming, you need a basic understanding of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is at the foundation of crypto gaming. A blockchain is a digitally distributed, decentralized, public ledger that exists across a network. Once a record is updated to the chain, it is Immutable – impossible to change or modify that data. Computers linked to the network run a continuous check to guarantee that all database copies are identical. 

As most people are aware, gaming is a concentrated activity in which everything created for a game is contained within the game. As a result, game makers retain complete control of the game.

Crypto gaming turns the traditional approach on its head by allowing players to own a piece of the game. Consider being able to hold some of your game’s assets yourself. Crypto gaming makes that possible, which gives digital assets real-world worth. Players can trade those assets with others, or sell them for fiat.

Many crypto games use Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology for key in-game assets. Each NFT is a unique cryptographic token that exists on the game’s blockchain and cannot be replicated. They can be bought and sold on NFT exchanges, and exchanged for fiat (real world currency). By leveraging NFT technologies, crypto games enable in-game assets such as land, starships, characters etc to be digitized on the blockchain. They can be sold to players (e.g. to generate funding for the game to continue development) and will ultimately be openly tradeable. 

Bringing Innovation to Crypto Gaming

The final step in getting started with blockchain gaming is deciding which game to play. Key things to look for are exciting gameplay, an expansive and immersive metaverse, a sustainable game economy, low transaction fees and a talented and committed team. 

Of the games recently released, we’d highly recommend taking a look at the space exploration strategy game DEEPSPACE (DPS) on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain. They’re bringing a lot of innovations to crypto gaming, and their metaverse is one to watch.

To get started, you need some of the game’s native token DPS which is available on PancakeSwap or Once you have some DPS, you can buy a spacecraft NFT from their custom marketplace (called the Outpost) then play it in-game. 

Unlike traditional NFTs, DEEPSPACE NFTs are upgradable. A player can upgrade their NFTs to add additional speed, armor, firepower etc. 

Four ship classes are available: fighter, miner, tank and support. Each has its own purpose and strengths. Only one ship is needed to play but having one of each class is optimal.

You can earn rewards in-game through space exploration, mining for resources on alien planets, and through combat. The DEEPSPACE team run regular special events and contests for players as well. 

Expect DEEPSPACE (DPS) to make big waves in the crypto gaming industry in 2022 and beyond!


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