A Beginners Guide To Know About Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is becoming a popular internet currency. People are very curious about it and keen to trade in this currency. This article helps in solving a lot of common questions related to Bitcoin currency.

What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is basically a digital currency. It is also popularly called as a cryptocurrency. It is a method to make financial transactions without using the U.S dollar. Presently, 1 bitcoin is worth 16,207 US dollars. 

Some of the companies that offer cryptocurrencies are Ethereum, Neo, LiteCoin, and Monero. VPS hosting BitCoin is a leading web hosting service provider that also accepts BitCoin transactions. 

What are the ways to earn Bitcoin?

Unlike US dollars, you can’t get Bitcoins in the form of your salary. To obtain Bitcoins, there are basically two ways to do it. 

Trading currencies

Trade any other currency for Bitcoin. It can be your US dollars too. 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to 16,207 dollars.

Solve equations/problems to get Bitcoin as a reward 

Use your server, or computer to mine to get Bitcoin rewards. This method is a little complicated. To get Bitcoin, users need to dig into CPU utilization. Powerful computers are able to solve Bitcoin that are designed as ‘equations’, or ‘problems’. 

It is received in the form of a reward. When a person correctly solves any equation or problem, then he acquires Bitcoin in return as a reward. This is called a snowball effect. The value of Bitcoin is proportional to the complexity of the equations. Bitcoins of high value are available only to users who solve harder equations. 

Is Bitcoin legal?

A lot of people perceive Bitcoin as a gamble. This currency isn’t regulated by government agencies. By investing your hard-earned money can either translate into the generation of wealth, or nothing?


The world of Bitcoin is unpredictable. It doesn’t offer you assured gains. If you have surplus money, you can try your future by investing in it. Before you invest in it, consider its potential, and expansion and how this cryptocurrency evolves.


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